Just take Fountain.

Excellent advice for anyone new to Los Angeles. How do I see the best the City of Angels has to offer? Where do I go to see the Hollywood Hills? How do I get there from here?

Just take Fountain.

Here at Just Take Fountain we love three things: our city, our animals (and by our animals we mean all animals), and our playful fashions.

  • The color-saturated blast of style, natural beauty, and creativity that makes up Los Angeles inspires us
  • The grateful response of animals to human care and love warms our hearts and homes
  • And clothing and accessories that are practical, but make a fun statement every time we use them are our favorite self-expression and happiness

At Just Take Fountain our pouches and t-shirts are all locally designed. These iconic images come from right here in Los Angeles—from our rescue animals who now live the life of Hollywood Stars to the stunning beaches around us. Our pouches are just the right size for your tablet or a nice selection of cosmetics. And our t-shirts combine high quality, playful images, and fashionable style.

Get noticed for all the right reasons! Carry a cute pouch that handles your technology and accessories with a vibrant vacation-casual look, earth-conscious vegan leather trim, and a silky lining the color of the ocean. Slip on a cool t-shirt with your favorite leggings, skirt, or shorts, and go change the world for the better!

Our items are made right here in Los Angeles with love. Let them add style and happiness to your days. Give them as gifts.

How do you experience the best that Los Angeles has to offer? Just Take Fountain.